Skill> size. Went to an indoor electric karting place with co-workers. I am 50lbs heavier than the next largest guy, and about 120 over the skinny guy. I spent the week before talking about how the skinny would dust everyone. Was surprised the day of to find I had fastest lap in both sessions we did. Now if I can just… » 4/27/15 6:49am 4/27/15 6:49am

I would not liken Miss Sprint Cup to a grid girl. Miss Sprint Cup is a paid PR professional. She's interacting with fans all weekend at the Sprint display, in post race celebrations with the driver, then is usually on social media during the week. The last group of Miss Sprint Cup's (there's usually 3) have all had… » 4/03/15 9:15am 4/03/15 9:15am

I understand where you're going, but I disagree with the results. Women's categories in less physically intensive sports (golf, curling, tennis, pool, ect) has not lead to integration. I'd say AMA is an exception to that and since that's the statistical outlier of sports integration, chances are slim it'd work out. » 3/31/15 7:23pm 3/31/15 7:23pm

The disclaimer exists so people are aware that it shows a crash that results in a fatality. Regardless of whether the video shows anything graphic, the fact that it results in a fatality will make some people uncomfortable and they will thus know to avoid watching it. It's about being decent, not generating… » 3/28/15 9:39pm 3/28/15 9:39pm