This comment needs more love. Brian Vickers is reckless, careless, and uncontrollable on the track. His rap sheet of incidents that were preventable and intentional is very long. Sprint All-Star Shootout and Talladega 2006. Infineon, Martinsville, Richmond and Pheonix 2011. Martinsville again 2014. He shouldn't be… » 1/28/15 6:20pm Today 6:20pm

People always hate those on top. There is no other auto racing series here in America that has a lucrative TV contract, had multi-million dollar companies supporting it, and sells 50,000-100,000 tickets to every race each year. So of course people are going to find fault in it. I'll just keep watching and let internet… » 1/11/15 2:28pm 1/11/15 2:28pm

This is why I thoroughly enjoyed the article from a few weeks ago about why we need to stop fawning over retro paint schemes. Sure, they're fun to see on a modern racer once in a while, but when teams stop dwelling in the past with regard to schemes, they come up with this beauty. I absolutely love it. » 1/01/15 11:32pm 1/01/15 11:32pm

How common is it for a storm/cyclone to undergo bombogenesis? I'm trying to give the media the benefit of the doubt and assume that it doesn't happen often, so when it does, they hype it. I'm probably wrong and foolish for giving the media of all things the benefit of the doubt » 12/20/14 12:33am 12/20/14 12:33am

I like your angle, especially as an outsider. DUI checkpoints to me are perfectly fine, and it's one of the few measures police take to actually protect us on the roads. And if I have to be borderline strip searched to board a plane, how are my rights any less violated? If we're looking into protecting civil liberties… » 12/13/14 6:01am 12/13/14 6:01am

The NWS actually does issue tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings by coordinate, not county (though the coordinates usually correspond with one or two of a counties borderlines). At the end of the text warning issued, there are coordinates which outline the warning area. » 12/11/14 6:25am 12/11/14 6:25am